Yum Yum Encasement

This is a blog dedicated to me and my wife's love of encasement and mummification bondage, feel free to ask us questions, and we will more then likely post some of our own stuff in the not to distant future.


Pious church ladies robbed and mummified on Easter Sunday. I’ll pray for you they said…The most recent video update at borntobebound and www.clips4sale.com/8358, starring Scarlet and new model to the site Skully!

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2 Milfs, Mummified, Suspended Upside-Down & Tickled! 11:13 Video #1416

Here is a very special treat! Jackie, from my sister-site www.JackieBound.com , was visiting for the weekend. In addition to the general girly & ropey things we get into, Jackie mentioned she really wanted to try being suspended, but was a little nervous. I asked her is she would feel better if I was suspended with her…  Smash cut to us in the back yard, totally mummified, except for out heads, boobs and feet, swaying in the breeze suspended upside down from the massive arm of my perfect oak bondage tree!  We were enjoying our adventure but something was missing… GAGS!  Ben was happy to oblige and soon we were ballgagged as well!  We struggled and swayed and giggling and I think that got us in trouble!  Because next our feet were being attacked by Russian Fingers and Roman Hands and we could do nothing to stop it except laugh through our drool-covered ballgags! Once the tickling was over, we were swung back and forth and side to side!  I love “hanging” out with Jackie!This video and SO MUCH MORE can be found at www.SANDRASILVERS.com

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